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(Frequently) asked questions

  • Q: What is meant by the training phase?

    A: The training phase is intended to prepare or warm up the participants. The training phase is not part of the actual competition. In this phase problems similar to the challenge will be provided and in the later on also the solutions will be provided. This will help the participants to test their algorithms, tools and methods for the actual challenge phase.

  • Q: How can I submit my solutions? In which format should I specify them?

    A: We have added a section to the how-to guide, which contains all necessary information. Submission is possible using a form on this website or via mail.

  • Q: What is the exact semantics of the LTL formulae when applied to the challenge problems?

    A: As this was apparently not clear, we have detailed this on the problem description page.

  • Q: Where can I find solutions to the problems?

    A: The solutions for the training phase will be uploaded once the phase is finished and can be found on the download page for training problems. Solutions for the challenge problems are published only after the corresponding RERS event took place. They should be uploaded within the week following the event and can be downloaded from the category specific pages reachable over the problem download page.

  • Q: How to contact us?

    A: If you have specific questions, remarks or suggestions, simply email us at We will get back to you as soon as possible.