• 10/04/15 Results up
  • 10/02/15 Solutions for challenge up
  • 09/05/15 RV traces and ext. file released
  • 08/26/15 Submission opened, RV dates updated
  • 07/18/15 RV training traces
  • 05/15/15 Training solutions up

Important Dates:

  • 05/15/15
       Solutions Training Phase
  • 08/01/15 - 09/04/15
       White Box Submission
  • 09/05/15
       Release Monitoring Input
  • 09/08/15
       RV Submission

The RERS Workshop @ RV'15

The official meeting of the RERS community will take place on one of the Runtime Verification conference days in September 2015 (22-25th of September).

There we want to discuss the different approaches taken by the competitors, present the result of this years challenge and discuss future work for the next RERS Challenge.

Please have a look at the conference program once it is available for the exact date. We will have a detailed schedule prior to the conference on this page.