• 10/04/15 Results up
  • 10/02/15 Solutions for challenge up
  • 09/05/15 RV traces and ext. file released
  • 08/26/15 Submission opened, RV dates updated
  • 07/18/15 RV training traces
  • 05/15/15 Training solutions up

Important Dates:

  • 05/15/15
       Solutions Training Phase
  • 08/01/15 - 09/04/15
       White Box Submission
  • 09/05/15
       Release Monitoring Input
  • 09/08/15
       RV Submission

Results of the RERS 2015 Challenge

The RERS challenge has ended with the formal announcement of the winners at RV 2015. In 2015, the following two teams participated in the challenge.

  • Vlastimil Dort
    Charles University, Prague, CZ
  • Markus Schordan, Marc Jasper
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA
Both teams participated only in the White-Box challenge.

Achievement (Olympic Medal) Ranking

The following table ranks the participants according to the number of achievements they scored. The ranking mimics the country ranking at Olympic Games, i.e., by comparing their achievement numbers in the different categories lexicographically.

Rank Name Achievements
1 Schordan/Jasper
All White-Box achievements
Sadly, Mr. Dort did not receive any achievments as he gave 2 wrong answers, even though everything else was correct.

Score-based Ranking

The following table ranks the participants according to their overall score: for each correct answer, 1 point was added to the score, and 2 points were subtracted for each incorrect answer.

Rank Name Score Total answers % correct
1 Schordan/Jasper
514 514 100.0%
2 Dort
185 192 98.95%